septembra 11, 2013

Lednice & Czech...

Halo! Before a few weekes I was on peeeerfect trip. It was in Czech Republic and I chcecked vine road. I saw so many amazing places and of course I taste a perfect vines too. So.. Morava is a great place for that. Have you ever been there?
Ahoj! Pred pár týždňami som bola na výbornom výlete. Pozrela som si Moravu a vinnú cestu. Teda pár "sklípkov". V mestách majú krásne pamiatky a atmosféru. Príjemné prostredie, veľa relaxujúcich ľudí a atmosférma ma celkovo zaujala. Naozaj sa nájdu krásne miesta. Boli ste tam?

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  1. Hi!!! No never been there, nice blue!


  2. Wow, how impressing the sky has the same colour as you wonderful dress <3

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  3. Cute blue oversized sweater/dress, love the color ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin'

  4. Awesome set of pictures! :)

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  6. Love your oversized sweater dress, and the electric blue is so pretty!

    Chris x

  7. I love your blue dress!!!

  8. Hi, Dennis! No, I've never been to Czech Republic but that's the mistake I plan to fix as soon as possible. But am a huge fan of vine roads (there are few in Croatia and I took a tour or two on them). I like your dress, it is very nice, a bit baggy but fits you perfectly, congratulations on that.I'd like to see a post, or maybe more photos, from that vine road trip, I'm sure it would be an excellent story to tell.
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  9. Oooo…love all of this, especially that dress!
    So amny places that I would like to see but while working, timing is always a problem!

  10. so nice...that blue dress is really nice!

  11. You look SO cute in that outfit:) and of course Im following.

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    Have a fab day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  12. Hi! You look stunning and I love the dress and the bag :)
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  13. oh that blue dress looks so amazing!

  14. Awesome outfit! Love the combo you did! Great taste :) xxxx